When you choose to work with us, you get access to our knowledge, expertise, and ideas.  With an extensive background in carpentry, home building, and remodeling (as well as a couple of very talented people), Blackhawk and our team can bring all of your ideas to life with high quality construction. Whether your ideas are simple, or intricate, we can make them a reality!


Online, everything is picture perfect, but we know that in real life, things break.  Which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on each of our builds.  We'll keep in touch with you throughout the build to ensure perfection. And should something break due to normal use, we'll make it right! 

We'll never ask you to pay full price until your build is complete and delivered to you.


We're real people, just like you. We know what it's like to not have a comfortable, functional space for living, working, or adventuring. We want your tiny home to be as functional as possible, and tailored specifically to your lifestyle. Whether you will be living tiny full time, or you're just a weekend warrior, your adventures should be carefree. 


To start, we set up an over the phone consultation where we discuss your desired build, your plans and ideas, your timeline, and your budget.  From there, we will make first draft blueprints and an itemized cost estimate.  Once you have approved everything, we will schedule the build and proceed. 

If you already have a van we offer nationwide pickup and delivery at additional cost. If you are still looking for the perfect vessel, we offer locating services where we would scour the marketplace for a van that meets your specs. You can then choose to purchase that van yourself, or have us bundle it into the cost of the build.


We are lucky to have some talented and amazing friends who have become an essential part of our company, and keep the team feeling like a family!


Francisco has been an amazing team member and leader! He is a very dedicated, talented man and we are so excited to see what he creates in his builds!

Francisco enjoys reading and cooking, and would love to travel the world trying new foods! His favorite color is blue!


Carlos has been a huge part of our business since day one helping us with all things mechanics and fabrication! He's the one who inspects each van that we purchase, builds custom roof racks, installs running boards, and he's even done a complete engine swap for us!

Carlos enjoys motorcycles, singing, and long walks on the beach! His favorite color is red!

Peter is the newest addition to the team! He's a skilled and hard worker and is bringing new ideas to our building process!

Peter enjoys hunting, watching Lethal Weapon II, and says he enjoys working here "because you hired me".


We're just a couple from North Dakota who decided to live differently and create a new lifestyle for ourselves. Blackhawk owned his own contracting company, and Madi worked as a CNA and delivered pizzas on the side. But the real adventure started when we found one YouTube video about a couple living in a van, and we decided that was our next goal.  Within two weeks we bought our dream van, and spent two years after that working and saving for the build and our new life on the road. Once we were in a position to start our new adventure, we quit our jobs, sold everything, and spent 7 months building our van.  After two months on the road, life gave us an incredible opportunity to put up shop here in the Arizona desert.  We decided to build quality vans and adventure rigs for others wanting to chase this same dream.  Which brings us here, to the Carefree Camper Company! We're happy to have you here, and thank you for your support! OH, we can't forget to mention the puppies!  We have two corgis, Lilo and Stitch, and a toy aussie, Burt! Let's be honest, they're the real reason why you clicked on our page.

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